Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Great Lakes Touring Theater FAQ Page

Performance Length-45 Minutes

The performance is followed immediately by a question and answer session during which the performers answer questions from the audience about the performance, theater, acting, etc.

Set-up Time-Approximately 20 minutes

Performers Arrival

The performers will arrive at your school approximately 30 minutes prior to scheduled performance time.

Space Required

Auditorium, Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Multipurpose room, etc. The performance can be presented on a stage or on the floor. A stage is not necessary!

The performance area is approximately 15 feet by 15 feet. Due to the many costume changes behind our set, we cannot present the performance in the round.


There is no limit on the size of your audience. Your students may be seated in chairs, bleachers, or on the floor.

Age Levels

"Beauty And The Beast" will easily hold the attention of young people from Kindergarten through junior high grades, as well as adults.

Study Guides

Emailed to school a week prior to performance date. If you would like them earlier please call our toll free number and request them.


Our performance features three extremely talented adult professional actors. The actors portray a total of nine characters. All of GLTT actors have a degree in theater or drama, most with an emphasis on Children's theater. Over 50% of our actors have a Master of Fine Arts Degree. The actors are personable, polite and courteous, and are excellent role models for your students.


The actors are in full costume with various costume changes in their portrayals of different characters.

Sound System-Not Required


Our performance provides extensive audience participation and interaction. The performance will easily hold the attention of your students the whole 45 minutes.